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Introducing Unlimited Plans

If you’ve hesitated to purchase satellite internet because of data caps, the wait is over.

It’s true — Viasat has launched unlimited data Viasat Internet plans for the first time ever! We think unlimited data plans are the future of satellite Internet for everyone. While we’ve launched unlimited service plans in select areas for now, we’re planning to offer these types of service plans in more areas across the U.S. and beyond in the very near future.

What can you do with an unlimited data plan?

Anything you routinely use the internet for. Banking. Shopping. Homework. Streaming music and video. Downloading files. Social media. News, sports, weather. Everything you love and more of it.

Who is it for?

Viasat Internet is a great choice for people who don’t have cable where they live. It will be an upgrade for your family if you’ve been stuck with slow DSL or a local wireless service.

What are the different types of unlimited data plans?

In some areas, we’re offering three types of unlimited data plans. The main differences between these plans are speed and video streaming quality. Here are the details:

Bronze 12

GOOD FOR: Smaller households that don’t use many connected devices; people who mostly tend to stream videos on their phone or tablet. Think more YouTube than Netflix.

NOT IDEAL FOR: Households that stream video on large-screen TVs; people who stream most of their shows or cord cutters who value high definition quality; households with more than a few connected devices running at the same time.

Silver 25

GOOD FOR: Families with many connected devices; people who don’t mind watching shows in DVD quality and tend to watch on laptops, tablets, or small TVs.

NOT IDEAL FOR: Film buffs who prefer their shows in HD quality.

Gold 30

GOOD FOR: Everyone! Families with many connected devices; people who want the best quality regardless of the device they use; people who watch video on big-screen TVs.

NOT IDEAL FOR: People who want to watch shows in 4K definition.

Compare Video Quality For Yourself

Which plan should I choose?

We recommend picking the service plan that best fits your video viewing habits, desired speed and budget. You can always upgrade using your account portal. There’s never a fee to change service plans, and your upgraded service will be available within a matter of minutes.

Is there a Free Zone?

No. There’s no need for a Free Zone with unlimited data plans. The Free Zone was created to give additional data to our customers on our older plans during the wee hours. With our new unlimited data plans, you don’t have to wait until 3 a.m. to download files.

When will these plans be available in my area?

The unlimited data plans launched September 28, 2017. Just enter your address to see what service plans are available in your area. Current customers can upgrade their service plans (where available) at your account.

Why can’t I find it in my area?

Unlimited data plans are not offered everywhere yet. If you don’t see these service plans available in your area, check back in a few months. More new service plans will be launched in 2018.

How much data usage is included in my unlimited data plan?

On an unlimited data plan, there are no limits to how much data you can use during your monthly billing cycle. On the Unlimited Bronze, Silver, and Gold service plans, after 40, 60, or 100 GB of data usage, respectively, your data may be prioritized behind other customers during network congestion.

Does my data usage ever affect the speed of my Internet service, especially if I use a lot of data?

When the network is not busy, nothing will happen to your service speeds. When the network is busy, and you have used more data than the amount previously stated for your service plan, your data may be prioritized behind other customers, which will result in slower speeds. Web pages and videos may respond and load more slowly than during periods of non-congestion.

Is this the same as the Freedom plans offered previously?

No. If you used more than 150 GB of data on a Freedom plan, your speeds were slowed (up to 1-5 Mbps) all day, every day until the end of your monthly billing period. On the Unlimited Bronze, Silver, and Gold service plans, even after 40, 60, or 100 GB of data usage, respectively, your speeds will remain normal except when the network is congested. Only when you have reached your service plan threshold and the network is busy, then your data may be prioritized behind other customers, resulting in slower speeds. As soon as network congestion clears, you are back to full speed.


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